A delicious puff pastry enriched with 30% vegetables, and reduced fat content of 30%.

“StratiVeg” is a new, tasty and healthier version of the traditional puff pastry by adding 30% vegetables and reducing the fat content with more than 30 %. The vegetables that are processed are class 2 and “misfit” vegetables. “Misfit” vegetables have the same nutritional value as their more beautiful brothers and sisters. The addition of vegetables increases the fibre and mineral content of “StratiVeg”. Furthermore, the addition of different vegetable combinations creates a delicious taste pallet rich in new flavours and creates beautiful colours. Another advantage of “StratiVeg” is that it is perfectly processable in the same way as traditional puff pastry. “StratiVeg” is an eco-innovative product. Innovative, because it opens a new door in the world of puff pastry. On top of the addition of vegetables, the fat content is reduced with more than 30 % compared to the traditional puff pastry. Furthermore, extra fibres are added to a content of more than 3 %. “StratiVeg” is thus a “Light” puff pastry which is “ a source of fibres”. The ecological aspects are the possibility to use “misfit” seasonal vegetables and use of fibre rich by-products such ass pea fibre and chicory root fibre. In the production of “StratiVeg”, the vegetables are added in a form of a spread. The vegetables spreads are not evaporated and added with the total moisture content. The total energy expenditure are reduced in this way.
 ECOTROPHELIA EUROPE 2019 - Not awarded

  • Biscuit & cake
  • Bread and pastry
  • Fresh
  • Frozen
  • Adult
  • Diabetic
  • Dietary/Nutrition
  • Children
  • Senior
  • Vegetarian
  • Cereal
  • Vegetal oil
  • Vegetable
  • Aperitive and savoury snack
  • Starter
  • Main dish
  • Recipe
  • Main component
  • Concept

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