Mr Pinx are edible sticks created to generate new sensory experiences from an eco-friendly approach.

Mr. Pinx consists of an edible corn flour stick, which has the characteristics of a typical wooden stick, but with the added value that it can be consumed. In this way a completely new product is obtained, using an element that has been always considered irrelevant. Mr. Pinx offers the opportunity to reach two types of markets. On one hand, the sale to bars and restaurants, since in Spain every day a large number of toothpicks are consumed in “tapas” and “pinchos”. On the other hand, there is a retail sale opportunity, the final consumer will be able to enjoy Mr. Pinx at home with their appetizers, this concept is closer to the rest of European countries. Furthermore, this new experience contributes to global sustainability, ending with the generation of wood waste derived from the use of traditional sticks. Awareness of the origin of products and how they impact to global environment has extended to the food industry. Deltapeo is part of the “green revolution” changing the methods of production and consumption of their products. Mr. Pinx wants to join the circular economy also in terms of packaging and that is why we have a recycled PET container which is 100% recyclable. The consumer of Mr. Pinx is a person who seeks novelty in a daily and simple product, but also it is a person who bets for a more sustainable lifestyle.
 ECOTROPHELIA EUROPE 2019 - Argent/Silver

  • Bread and pastry
  • Fresh
  • Dry
  • Adult
  • Diabetic
  • Children
  • Intolerant (gluten, lactose, egg …)
  • Senior
  • Vegetarian
  • Starchy food
  • Vegetal oil
  • Aperitive and savoury snack
  • Starter
  • Concept
  • Service
  • Eco-conception

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