Pasta filata cheese with honey and molasses, with specific taste and appearance

“CandyMoo” is a team of creative, skilled, energetic and well-connected people who have created something completely different from what you are used to – MOCaMELA – fresh pasta filata cheese of specific taste and appearance with honey and molasses. Do you want to surprise your friends at lunch with something they have not tried yet? To have something sweet with a glass of wine? Or do you want to decorate your pastry? MOCaMELA is the right choice for you! MOCaMELA is semi-hard cheese of yellow-gold color, aromatic and irresistible taste. What distinguishes this cheese from classic cheeses is its sweet note as well as the decorative marble look that we owe to molasses, the by-product of sugar production. Using high quality honey from ecological region (National Park Tara) as an ingredient and beeswax for cheese wrap, we would like to indirectly indicate the importance of bees for our world. By combining these ingredients, we obtained a product of good nutritive and extraordinary sensory properties with wide application. Since molasses is a by-product in the sugar industry and is not widely used in the food industry, its addition to cheese is our way of promoting an innovative and environmentally friendly premium product that may be interesting to all generations. MOCaMELA cheese is especially intended for people belonging to GenX and Millennials who feel young at heart and open to try new tastes.
 ECOTROPHELIA EUROPE 2019 - Not awarded

  • Milk product
  • Fresh
  • Adult
  • Children
  • Senior
  • High energy
  • Milk/Cheese
  • Starter
  • Dessert
  • Breakfast
  • Main dish
  • Recipe
  • Main component
  • Process
  • Concept

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