Healthy, Tasty and Sustainable. Unique mycelium-based meat alternative with a tempting texture!

Do you want to eat sustainably? Do you think many meat alternatives are too processed and unhealthy? Do you struggle with preparing or even eating tofu or tempeh? Tempty is a mycelium-based meat alternative that does not mimic meat. It is a pre-seasoned product that is highly nutritious, contains only a few ingredients, and has a satisfying taste and texture. It has a slight umami flavor with a spark of ginger. It is simple to cook and when pan-fried, it gets a thin crust and has a satisfying chewy texture. The key ingredient, mycelium, is produced through fermentation and it requires less natural resources for production (water and land) compared to soy, it emits less greenhouse gas emissions, and has a faster production. In terms of nutrition, our product is rich in complete proteins, fibre, vitamins and minerals, and is low in fat and sugars. It has a rectangular shape which can easily be reshaped and used in diverse meals such as tortillas, rice bowls, wok, salads, etc.

  • Ready-cooked meal

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