Non-alcoholic Arabica coffee “liqueur” with rich chocolatey notes, botanicals and foaming ability.

Libero is a non-alcoholic (0% ABV) coffee "liqueur", with a rich chocolatey base and fruity notes from our single-origin Brazilian arabica coffee. There is a growing low and no-alcohol demand and Libero adds another level to this delivering not only delicious flavour but the stimulation of alcohol. Libero is plant-based and contains no allergens. The coffee is complemented by the gentle trigeminal warmth of cayenne chilli and cinnamon extract emulating the sensation of an alcoholic liqueur in the mouth, while carefully selected botanicals evoke a sophisticated mood. Libero contains high quality ingredients with a strong emphasis on sustainably and ethically sourced produce. Our packaging incorporates spent coffee grounds, transforming the waste into ink for our labelling and the lid for our bottle. A flavour extract made from spent coffee grounds is also incorporated into the product. Libero is presented in premium 70cl glass bottles. The shelf-life is 12 weeks and is maintained by a preservative and low pH. Production including a pasteurisation step, a high care area for addition of active ingredients, and a filtration step through a 10-micron filter. There are many delicious ways you can enjoy our product such as with ice, stirring into coffee and pouring on ice-cream.

  • Drink
  • Dessert

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