A savory bar inspired by the Mediterranean diet, offering a new taste experience!

Nowadays, an increasing preference for healthy snacks based on traditional Greek products that exhibit high nutritional value and originate from national-local producers is observed. “NUTRI-salad bars” is an innovative, eco-friendly, shelf-stable savory bar. It is launched in three flavors, Greek Salad, Green Salad, and Legumes Salad. “NUTRI-salad bars” belong to the category of food and beverage, subcategory ready-to-eat savory snack. It is a healthy snack enclosing the aromas of Greece and the Mediterranean, suitable for those seeking a healthy snack to enjoy everywhere. The novel cereal savory bars with Mediterranean salads’ flavors that embody by-products such as acid whey from the Greek yogurt industry, by-products of legumes and cereals, and mushroom by-products, have high nutritional value, besides their eco-friendly characteristics. “NUTRI-salad bars” contain high amounts of vegetables and legumes from the Greek and Mediterranean area; thus, they can be characterized as an excellent and healthy snack choice for the consumers which offers them high amounts of fibers and vitamins. “NUTRI-salad bars” are available in practical airtight packaging and they are going to be sold in any kind of food store. Their packaging material is made exclusively from recycled and recyclable materials (paper, in particular). This offers eco-friendly characteristics to the product while raising consumers’ awareness about environmental protection.

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  • Bread and pastry

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