La 1ère marque de sauces fraîches pour féculent, déclinée chaque saison avec les légumes du moment
L’Institut Agro Montpellier
Sauce et jus
ECOTROPHELIA FRANCE 2022 - Or/Gold ECOTROPHELIA FRANCE 2022 - France - Innovation fruits & légumes
Papillon Foods is offering you an alternative to ultra-processed tomato sauces that you can find in any supermarket. Our proposition is simple : home-made seasonal sauces for starchy foods in the fresh food section. Our aim is to offer sauces without heating treatments, kept fresh via vaccum packing. This way, all the vitamins remain in the vegetables as well as flavours. By offering more tastful and more nutritious sauces, we encourage consumers to increase their fibres and vitamins intakes for a healthier diet. Not only our sauces are better for you, but they are also more eco-friendly because they are made with local organic, downgraded and seasonal vegetables. By promoting local food networks, we limit the extra charge of transports and intermediaries which allow us to better pay farmers. Finally, our packagings are plastic free and indefinitely recyclable!
  • Sauce et jus
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  • Famille
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  • Huile végétale
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