2022 Golden Barley


Barley-based milk alternative made from brewer's spent grain.
Technische Universität Berlin
Boisson Petit déjeuner
Golden Barley – a new and trendy addition to a dairy-free lifestyle! Whether in the morning cappuccino or in cereals: plant-based dairy-free alternatives are now trending, and not only among vegans. Plant milk is now no longer a niche product! Besides oat, almond and soy bean, a milk alternative made from barley is still missing from the supermarket shelf. It’s Golden Barley – that fills the gap in the market. By using upcycled barley grain we were able to create a delicious and nutritious drink. Golden Barley is enriched with calcium and vitamins B12 and D2 and is a low-carb, lactose-free source of protein and fibre. With this wholefood you are not only doing something good for your healthy lifestyle, you are also contributing to better sustainability. In fact Golden Barley is the most eco-friendly milk alternative. The barley that forms the basis for our plant milk is obtained from spent grain, a by-product of beer production. Every year, millions of tonnes of spent grain go to waste. Although spent grain can be turned into a high-quality food ingredient, most of it is used to feed livestock or ends up in landfills. Mainly the sugar is used in the brewing process. Which means that the grain itself remains unaffected, while plenty of fibre, protein and vitamins are left unused. With a focus on a sustainable future, we take full advantage of this hidden potential of spent grains. Join us in our mission and avoid food waste together - all just by enjoying Golden Barley!
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