2022 Volcanic Shepherd's Pie


A vegetarian shepherd's pie ready meal with a side of mushroom gravy.
Plat cuisiné Sauce et jus
A vegetarian shepherd‘s pie with a side of mushroom gravy. The pie consists of a lentil and vegetable filling topped with a layer of mashed potatoes. It comes as a refrigerated ready-meal that requires 10-15 minutes of heating in the oven, but can also be frozen. We plan to use ugly vegetables to combat food waste in the production phase of agriculture. Additionally, we use the entire potato including the peel to combat food waste, add extra nutrition, and contribute to the texture. The pie will be sold in an aluminium container that can be placed directly in the oven, then recycled or reused. We aimed to limit packaging to the least amount of materials. The label will be made from a sustainable paper material. We see opportunity to innovate with the gravy packaging such as having an edible and dissolvable film that would melt into the pie as it warms like lava spilling out of the potatoes. Our company Betri Matur aims to create ready-meals that are nutritious and healthy, thus saving people time without compromising their health. Additionally, we are encouraging meat-free eating, but with a savory taste. Betri Matur, translating to Better Food, is a family oriented revolutionary vegetarian food company. We are proud of what we stand for as a company: Better food, better life, better health.
  • Plat cuisiné
  • Sauce et jus