Malrubà”, a biscuit dedicated to those who want to enjoy a delicious and healthy moment!!
ITS Agroalimentare Piemonte
Biscuit et gâteaux Pain et viennoiserie
MALRUBÀ is a delicious cookie that will surprise you with its unique taste, as unique is the combination of its ingredients: hemp, beans and carob. The stages of its processing are studied and carried out with respect for workers and the environment. The product was born from the idea of wanting to propose a snack that had simple, virtuous and sustainable ingredients, with high nutritional properties and typical Italian geography. Thus MALRUBÀ was born, a cookie of delicate shortbread dough with hemp flour, which contains a soft cream of cannellini beans enriched by carob pulp that enhances its taste and aroma. Hemp absorbs more carbon dioxide per hectare than any other crop and can be grown even on poor soils. It represents a faster and more cost-effective carbon conversion solution, contributing to the reduction of environmental impact. Carob is a hardy plant adaptable to any type of soil; it tolerates periods of prolonged drought. It requires reduced fertilization and requires less machinery, resulting in reduced emissions and phytosanitary interventions. The bean absorbs and transfers atmospheric nitrogen to the soil, reducing fertilizer use. It is a mainstay crop of sustainable agriculture. Used in the vegan diet, it responds to protein deficiencies in this type of nutrition. It is a good answer because of its high protein content, achieved with reduced environmental impact. The amount of protein contained in 100g of beans is about 22g.
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  • Pain et viennoiserie