2022 Totally Nuts


Totally Nuts is the first plant-based “feta” alternative that is made from upcycled almonds.
Plat cuisiné
Finally, there is a change! More and more consumers tend to consume plant-based products instead of dairy and meat. But have you ever thought of what is happening to the food that is used to produce other food or beverage items? Let’s think about it: What happens to the leftovers of almond milk production? Clearly, they use almonds for the milk production, but the resulting product is a liquid, right? So, what happens to the almond solids? Long story short: they are not used to their full potential. We know, almonds themselves are not very sustainable, but how bad is it to waste something that is already here anyway and could possibly be used for something new? This is where everything started! We are a young, enthusiastic team and we developed Totally Nuts. Totally Nuts is the only plant-based “feta” alternative that uses upcycled almonds to build a bridge between waste and innovation, or as we say: “We care. We upcycle.” Totally Nuts stands out for its uniqueness on the market, its sustainability aspect but also for its feta-like texture and taste! You can enjoy Totally Nuts on literally every dish- your salad, wrap, pasta, pizza, or on its own. And the good news is not over yet, because compared to other plant-based feta alternatives our product is healthier as we use significantly lower amounts of sodium and saturated fatty acids!
  • Plat cuisiné