2022 Handy Rice


Handy Rice is a sweet dehydrated snack, made of brown rice and yacon, a source of fiber.
UNIVERSIDADE DE AVEIRO University of Coimbra
Dessert Petit déjeuner
Handy Rice is a thin crunchy snack, source of fiber, made from Carolino brown rice, a typical Portuguese rice variety, and a smooth exotic sweet flavor promoted by yacon, a tuberous root originally from Andes, efficiently cropped in Portugal. The sweet taste of Handy Rice snack is provided by non-glycemic carbohydrates, such as fructose and fructooligosaccharides, empowered by the presence of inulin as dietary fiber. Inspired by Portuguese culture, Handy Rice has the taste of traditional rice pudding (“arroz doce”) by combining national products with the familiar taste of cinnamon. As a topping it presents almonds caramelized with yacon syrup, boosting the snack crunchiness. Handy Rice is also available in red fruits and apple crumble recipes. These formulations promote shorter commercialization and consumption circuits and can be easily adapted to characteristic recipes of other countries resulting in new snack flavors. To produce Handy Rice snacks, the brown rice is cooked with the other ingredients, crushed, spread in small pieces and covered with the different caramelized toppings. The product is dehydrated, packed, and distributed for sale at €0.99/20g package. It is stored without refrigeration, with a minimum shelf life of 1 month. It's easy to carry and ideal for daily life, providing only 4% of the recommended daily energy. The packaging includes a transparent window made of an innovative biodegradable starch-based film produced from rice subsidiary products.
  • Dessert
  • Petit déjeuner