2022 Beetscuits


Extruded organic snack product made of gluten-free wholegrain cereals, beetroot pomace and ginger.
The Beetscuits is organic product created by extruding gluten-free grains with the addition of beetroot pomace and ginger. This product has a simple, but nutritionally rich composition, with high fiber and low fat contents. Due to its properties, it is intended for different target groups. Do you manage to balance a fast-paced lifestyle with a balanced diet? Do you manage to keep up with all the new scientific findings and adapt your diet to them? Would you like to have a quick, healthy, universal and affordable meal? If you answered « Yes »; to any of these questions, then Beetscuits is what you need! The path to the creation of Beetscuits begins on grain plantations spread throughout Serbia; we select the highest quality corn and buckwheat grains, so that the best that Serbia can offer reaches your table. The road further leads us to beetroot and ginger plantations, where the organic fruits are harvested with the greatest care, from which the finest juice is obtained, while the pomace from the production is left for drying and further processing. With the help of extruding technology, the processing of grains under high pressure, we get organic snack bars adapted to the diet of a large number of people - rich in fibers, vegan, with no added colors and flavors, with no added salt and sugar, and allergen free. Those eco-innovative crunchy neutral-tasting snack bars can be eaten on their own, with dip or spread, milk or beer.Beetscuits are un-beet-able!