2022 WiBuBa bar


WiBuBa bars - nutritional support for conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding from natural sources.
Biscuit et gâteaux
WiBuBa bars are a set of three delicious granola bars that deliver nutritional support to women (and their partners) on their journey from a “wish” to a healthy baby with the help of carefully selected nutrients of natural origin. The journey of 1000+ days starts three months before conception, continues through the pregnancy and carries on in the first two years of a baby’s life. This is a period when nutrition has the biggest impact on the health of our little ones. With a balanced diet during this time we can program the expression of genes, responsible for the proper development of baby’s organs and tissues, which has lasting consequences and can lower the risk of chronic diseases later in life. With a scientific approach and careful selection of important nutrients we have created unique mixtures of natural ingredients and packed them in crunchy granola bars with soft filling. The journey of 1000+ days starts with a WISH bar rich in natural sources of antioxidants and folate which are important for conception. Then it continues with a BUMP bar full of nutrients important for the healthy development of a baby. The last one is BABY bar. It has natural galactagogues- oats and tahini, which help with the milk production. WiBuBa bars are also environmentally friendly. They are carefully wrapped in recyclable paper and produced by a company 1000+ whose philosophy is based on nurturing and supporting people and our planet.
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