2023 Ice Cricket


Water-based ice cream with partially defatted cricket powder, chocolate flavor and lactose-free
università degli Studi di Padova
Dessert Glace et sorbet
"Ice Cricket" is the ice cream of the future that can already be found in the present! In fact, it is the first dessert in Europe made with the addition of partially defatted cricket powder (Acheta domesticus) and produced with an artisanal technique, but it can be easily bought in the supermarkets. But exactly what is it? First, it is a water-based ice cream with chocolate flavour, in which the nutritional elements like proteins and fats come from cricket powder instead of milk, but even better, the total amount of proteins is so high that the nutritional claim "source of protein" can be added on the label. Moreover, the absence of milk in the product makes it suitable for lactose intolerant people, allowing the use of the term "naturally lactose-free" in the label. It can therefore be said that "Ice Cricket" is an ice cream intended for all those people who want to combines pleasure and delicacy with the health, nutritional but above all, environmental aspect: in fact, the use of cricket flour, compared to milk, requires the use of less natural resources (such as water consumption and land use) and limits the emission of greenhouse gases. Still not convinced? Well, "Ice Cricket" will be offered in practical single-use and compostable jars, so you can buy small quantities of the product to discover all its characteristics, from taste to texture. But we spoil one thing: one jar leads to another...So what are you waiting for? The future is served at your table!
  • Dessert
  • Glace et sorbet