2023 Meatatelli


Meatatelli is a type of pasta in which the main ingredient is meat, not flour as in ordinary pasta.
Iasi University of Life Sciences
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Meatatelli is a type of pasta in which the primary raw material is meat. The meat comes from a food by-product (pork rind), which is nutritionally valuable but of little industrial use. To increase the nutritional value of the pasta, but also to obtain superior binding properties, the following ingredients are added to the product: semola flour and bone broth. The following spices have been used to flavor the product: salt, black pepper, onion, and oregano. Red beetroot powder has been added for an attractive color. As seen from the above paragraph, only natural ingredients of high nutritional value are used in the product. The innovative aspect of the pasta presented in this document is the use of meat as raw material instead of vegetable flour. Meat from a food by-product, pork rind, has also been used to use products that are of little interest to the food industry and make them more palatable. Chicken bone broth was added to increase the nutritional value of the pasta and its binding capacity, which contributes a significant amount of protein and collagen to the product, thus enriching its nutritional value. Semola flour was also used in the product, which has a higher nutritional value than ordinary flour, which also increases the nutritional content of the final product.
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