2012 XOveT - CREQUIS


Assaisonnement Biscuit et gâteaux
ECOTROPHELIA SPAIN 2012 - Or/Gold ECOTROPHELIA EUROPE 2012 - Europe - Special prize "Coup de coeur" Innovation
XOveT is a powdered food product created with toasted and grinded anchovy bones. The idea intends to recover a waste product that generates an extra cost for local anchovy industries. XOveT is also a food product with outstanding functional benefits: large percentage of calcium and phosphorus not artificially added but naturally present in the anchovy bone. Nowadays, there is an increasing rate of detected lactose intolerance, thus, there is a need for food products rich in calcium but lactose free. XOveT may be one of the products which could fill this gap. But still, in an innovative food product such as XOveT, its functional benefits and its sustainability are relegated to second place behind its organoleptic qualities: XOveT have created an innovative flavour, combining an intense anchovy taste with a subtle toasted aroma. Thus, XOveT is a versatile ingredient and a new flavour with a completely natural origin. To introduce XOveT benefits to the consumer, we also created a retail product, creQuis: healthy rice cakes spiced with XOveT. Rice and anchovy bones are the main raw materials used to produce XOveT and creQuis. They come from certified local production sites and carry a strong Mediterranean identity. Thus, we believe that for a product like ours, which intends to minimize its carbon footprint, exportation is not a viable way in which to expand the enterprise, rather our business model is what we would like to export - to all anchovy producing regions.
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